Pay & Earn

Earn points on every purchase with the Foundry Bakehouse and Deli loyalty program! You can load money on your app to

purchase items, and for every dollar you put on your app you’ll receive a point. Load $20, get 20 points! Either way, you will always get points for your purchase.


You can earn anything from a donut or coffee to a full sandwich with your rewards. Once you download the app, you’ll get a QR code to scan when you make your purchase to receive your points.

News & Gift Cards

You can also get important updates on new specials, send gift cards to friends, and more. Get your Foundry app today! 

Ordering Online

The easiest way to earn your points is by ordering online. Once you are signed up, all purchases you make online will automatically send reward points to your account. No QR scan or interaction is necessary! Give it a try and start earning your way toward your favourite reward!